From when my Parents gave me my first train set for a Christmas present as a child, I have had an interest in model railways. I originally started in "OO" gauge, but have also built in "N" and "O" gauge. The last layout I built was my exhibition layout "Holmehurst" which was in "O" gauge, and I exhibited it around the country. Photos of it can be seen by following this link.

I inherited some "OO9" rolling stock from my late father, including a loco I built from a white metal kit for him, and ever since living on our working narrowboat Hadar I have been thinking about building a "OO9" layout.

For those who do not know, "OO9" is "OO" scale, which is 4mm to 1ft, but the track and rolling stock are narrow gauge, equivalent to 2ft gauge in real life. Modelling-wise this means that I can used standard "OO" scale buildings, people, scenery etc. of which there is a far greater range of ready built items and kits to choose from, but it has the advantage that the reduced size of the track and rolling stock means that curves can be tighter than for standard gauge, without losing a realistic look within a restricted layout size.

I had thought about building a layout in our garden alongside our mooring at the Saltisford Canal Centre, but after much thought decided that this would not be practical. However I built a small layout which sits on the shelf above the display cabinet, in our saloon, which houses my "O" gauge rolling stock. Having finished it, my wife Jo suggested that when we stop selling coal I could build a layout in the hold. As we stopped selling coal at the end of 2016, I am now building the layout. This will be an ongoing record of the building of this layout.

Please feel free to leave comments, I am always interested in suggestions or questions.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Hadarford Canal

Initially the pouring resin went well, pouring the resin into the canal.

Once dried most of it was okay. The reed and bulrush bank.

The tyre. The resin has gone a strange orange colour and not sure why.

The bicycle, traffic cone and floating log.

Some waterlilies above the lock.

Some more waterlilies at the canalside cottages.

Hadarford wharf.

Above the lock.

Unfortunately 3 cracks have appeared in the resin below the lock, these are 2 of them. We cannot work out why this has happened. 

This is the 3rd crack below the lock. I am not sure what to do about this, will give it a lot of thought.

Also there was a leak in the lock, so the level has dropped, but also it has not turned the same colour as the rest.

Well at least I tried.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Final touches to the Canal

Final touches to the canal on Hadarford this morning.
The photos are 2 of the 3 fish-plates I added this morning to the rails on the concrete piling.
I also weathered the canal and lock walls so all is now ready for the resin pouring to create the water effect Monday.

Everything ready for creating the water effect in Hadarford's canal.
Pouring resin, catalyst, murky water tint, various sized buckets and stirring sticks.


Friday, 17 May 2019

Working Boat Sign-Writing

This morning I applied the transfers to the two working boats to represent the sign-writing.
I commissioned Fox Transfers to create them for me.
I am rather pleased with the result.


Monday, 6 May 2019

Repainted Carriages

For some time I have been thinking about the livery for my railway carriages, I wasn't happy with the continual cream across the guards end of the coaches. Today I repainted these ends crimson. 

Apparently this was done to indicate to passengers which parts of the carriage they could enter or not enter.


Friday, 19 April 2019

Road Steam Engines Part 3

Today I finished securing the Showman's engine and traction engine with chocks and chains to the trailer.

The Showman's engine secured.

The traction engine similarly secured.

The whole unit. I do need to paint the chains rusty to finish.


Friday, 5 April 2019

Visitors to Hadarford

It was nice to have Beth & Lindsay from Australia come to see Hadarford this morning, they had been following this BLOG and are over here for a few months cruising on our canals.


Saturday, 23 March 2019

Road Steam Engines Part 2

This morning I repainted the last 2 steam road vehicles.
I have left the truck in it's original blue colour as it is a recent acquirement by the garage owner, and is being worked on, hence no front axle.

All 5 steam road vehicles.

In their rightful places in the compound.


Friday, 22 March 2019

Road Steam Engines

I repainted these 2 today, the roller was blue, and the traction engine had very badly painted yellow lining, and both had paint chips.
Both looking a lot smarter now.


Thursday, 21 March 2019

Lawns Part 4

The farmhouse now has a front lawn.


Lawns Part 3

Yesterday I laid the lawns for Hadarford Lodge, this morning I vacuumed up the loose material and refitted the trees etc.


Sunday, 17 March 2019

Lawns Part 2

This afternoon I created the lawn for the pub's beer garden.


Lawns Part 1

This morning I started on the lawns, the farmhouse and one of the farm workers cottages.

The 2nd farm workers cottage.

Lawns in front of the 2 canal-side cottages.


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Water Crane, Yard Crane and Wharf Cranes Part 3

Today I finished painting the water crane and yard crane for the engine maintenance area.

I also painted and finished assembling the 2 yard cranes for the canal wharf.

I wasn't happy with the original position of the water crane, so I have moved it.


Sunday, 10 March 2019

Water Crane, Yard Crane and Wharf Cranes Part 2

This afternoon I primered the water crane and 3 yard cranes.


Canal Wharf Cranes

This morning I constructed these 2 cranes which will go on the canal wharf.
I have not completed building them as I want to paint them before final assembly to make the painting easier.
They have been washed to remove grease and I am waiting for them to dry.


Saturday, 9 March 2019

Water Crane & Yard Crane

Knocked up these two today for the engine maintenance area.
A water crane.

A yard crane


Friday, 8 March 2019

Out Cruising.

We set off from our mooring this morning on our Spring/Summer cruise, and as such I will not be posting on here until we return in July. I will get very little time to do any modelling whilst we are out travelling, but you can follow our cruise, if you so wish, at


Thursday, 7 March 2019

Low Loader

The garage owner now has a low loader to move his traction engines to shows.