From when my Parents gave me my first train set for a Christmas present as a child, I have had an interest in model railways. I originally started in "OO" gauge, but have also built in "N" and "O" gauge. The last layout I built was my exhibition layout "Holmehurst" which was in "O" gauge, and I exhibited it around the country. Photos of it can be seen by following this link.

I inherited some "OO9" rolling stock from my late father, including a loco I built from a white metal kit for him, and ever since living on our working narrowboat Hadar I have been thinking about building a "OO9" layout.

For those who do not know, "OO9" is "OO" scale, which is 4mm to 1ft, but the track and rolling stock are narrow gauge, equivalent to 2ft gauge in real life. Modelling-wise this means that I can used standard "OO" scale buildings, people, scenery etc. of which there is a far greater range of ready built items and kits to choose from, but it has the advantage that the reduced size of the track and rolling stock means that curves can be tighter than for standard gauge, without losing a realistic look within a restricted layout size.

I had thought about building a layout in our garden alongside our mooring at the Saltisford Canal Centre, but after much thought decided that this would not be practical. However I built a small layout (now dismantled) which sat on the shelf above the display cabinet, in our saloon, which houses my "O" gauge rolling stock. Having finished it, my wife Jo suggested that when we stop selling coal I could build a layout in the hold. As we stopped selling coal at the end of 2016.

I have now built the layout. This is now a full record of the building of this layout and any new additions along the way.

Please feel free to leave comments, I am always interested in suggestions or questions.

Friday 30 December 2016

Another 2 Buildings

Another 2 buildings I bought on eBay arrived this morning.

This is a ladies toilet for the railway station.


And this is a village hall.






Wednesday 28 December 2016

Hadarford Station

Some more buildings arrived this morning, 2 station buildings. However I may not use them both on the station, I will decide once I start building. I can always use one of them as a house in the village.





I am also having a rethink on the design of the layout. I am reconsidering the long underground loop of railway track, which has no benefit to the layout, in fact it complicates it by needing under-baseboard access to it, it will use a lot of track which costs a lot of money, and it takes up a lot of valuable building space at both the front and rear of the layout. Space will become available also by being able to move the rail track and canal back to towards the rear of the layout, giving me more space at the front of the layout for these new station buildings. So I am thinking of removing this loop and just having a single track passing once through the layout.


Basically the track crossing across the hold on the right will now curve immediately onto the track along the front of the layout. The hill on the right was raised up to go over the railway tracks, and I needed 2 canal locks to achieve the height to get the canal over the hidden tracks, This hill will not need to be as high, and thus I will only now have 1 canal lock, where the top lock is. By removing the 2 tracks of the loop at the rear of the layout, I will now have more space for the station at the the front of the layout, and building of the village at the rear of the layout. I should also be able to make the farm area on the left of the layout larger because removing one of the locks and the pound in between the 2 locks will shift the quayside to the right and the canal can be shortened accordingly by the length of 1 lock and the pound, and leaving at the rear of the layout earlier. I will now have to make model version No. 5, and post it on here once completed, which will make it easier to understand these changes.


Tuesday 20 December 2016

Another eBay Bargain

I have today received in the post this out of production model of a thatched pub which I was successful in bidding for on eBay. As advertised on eBay it stated as follows:-

This listing is for a used Bachmann Scenecraft Building (Pendon Waggon and Horse Pub) the item is in good sound condition but has been painted white by my son”.

These 1st two photos are of an original before being painted by the original owners son.

s-l1600 (2)

s-l1600 (3)

These next 2 photos are from the advert and show that the paintjob in question was not particularly brilliant.


s-l1600 (1)

This is a close-up of a part of the building to show the challenge I was faced with.

s-l1600 (5)

Firstly I removed the window frames and glazing to make it easier to repaint the model and to clean up the glazing and repaint the frames which was easier than trying to do it with them in situ. Some of the glazing was not reusable so I cut out some new ones. These are the repainted window frames ready to be refitted.


Then I repainted the building, touching up the white walls, painting the doors and window openings black, and touched up the small section of roof tiling behind the tall chimney, which had white paint on it.



And finally the glazing and window frames were refitted. I actually think, and Jo agrees with me, that it now looks even better than an original one which had yellow brick work!



All this achieved in a couple of hours. I doubt I will use it as a pub though as I already have a kit for a pub to build, but I will use it as a cottage, somewhere on the layout.

It should go rather nicely along side the thatched cottage I already have.

Thatched cottage 2


Saturday 17 December 2016

Santa Needs a New Watch!

Santa Arrived early this morning and delivered this batch of goodies for Hadarford.

This is a hay barn for the farm.



These are a cart house & combined stable and the milking parlour, also for the farm.



This is 1 set of 2 sets of brick walls, and a chicken coup kit and garage kit all of which are also for the farm.



These 2 packs are pavement pieces for the village area, and a Royal Mail van and Arriva bus. The van will be outside the post office, the bus will be somewhere on the road.




Saturday 10 December 2016

More Trees from China

70 more trees arrived today from China, which cost £3.81 free post!

There are 40 of these 9cm high fir trees.


And 30 of these 6.5cm high trees.

s-l500 (1)

This now means I have 135 trees so far with another batch of 20 trees from China to arrive which should be enough trees, hopefully.


Friday 9 December 2016

4 More Buildings

4 more new buildings for Hadarford arrived today, the station booking office and waiting shelter.


And 2 line-side huts.



Thursday 8 December 2016

5 More Trees

5 more trees arrived today.



Wednesday 7 December 2016

Buildings for Hadarford

5 more buildings for my new model railway arrived today, a thatched cottage, stables, a wash house, a pig sty and a cow shed.




Thursday 1 December 2016

Trees Part 1

The first batch of 3 lots of trees arrived today all the way from China.


This group are ten 11cm high trees which cost £2.40.


And these are fifty, yes fifty 5cm high trees which also cost £2.40. Both lots were Free Post! That's £5.70 for 60 trees including postage from China. How can they ship these out at these prices? Especially by Airmail. Chinese postal costs must be extremely low, but I am not complaining. It would cost £2.80 postage just within the UK, let alone abroad!

That aside they are very good quality and I would recommend them especially in comparison to prices of ones for sale in the UK.


Thursday 17 November 2016

eBay Bargains

I love eBay, I have bought 150 model trees for my planned model railway for the sum of £12.89 post free!

trees 1

trees 4

trees 3

Plus 23 18” lengths of track for £16.50 including postage, which new in a pack of 25 36” lengths would cost £80!


Sunday 18 September 2016

Buildings for the New Layout

These are some of the model buildings I will include on the layout.

This pair of cottages and the Post Office below can be combined as a terrace, which is what I will do, with the Post Office nearest the road junction.

Semi-detached cottages

Post office

This is the “Black Horse Inn” which will suit being near the canalside rather nicely.

Black Horse Inn

This will be the lock cottage.

lock_keepers cottage 1

This is the station booking office.

Station Building

This is the farmhouse and barn.



This thatched cottage will go somewhere on the layout hopefully.

lock_keepers cottage 2

No canal scene would complete without a pillbox.

Pill Box

I have already purchased and stored away the kits for cottages, Post Office, pub, lock keepers cottage, barn and pillbox, and look forward to constructing them in the future.

I have already purchased and stored away the farmhouse which is ready built.

By buying them now I have probably saved money as no doubt by the time I start building the layout the prices will have gone up, but also they may well be taken out of production, which would no doubt be my luck.